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Latest: meet my new friend, Pete the Puppy here. ;-)

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About me, Jack

It's me, smiling Jack the wonder dog!

(I'm an angel dog now. But I'm still here, watching over Mum and Dad and my friends, human and animal, all the time. One day I'll find Jack 2 to come help Mum and Dad out. For now it's business as usual).

Me, Jack

I've got talent, agility, strength and smarts.
Look around my website and see for yourself.
I'm always doing funny stuff and I like making people happy.
I've got video clips made with my mom and dad, photos
of pet and people friends, games, and other cool stuff for kids to do.
There's lots to see and do on kernowjack.com
especially my Halloween Jack page. That's my speciality. There you can see 8 YEARS of me as Pumpkin Jack greeting the Trick or Treaters who came to my door.
~Woo woo>

*Jack paw*

I, Kernow Jack (you can call me Jack) am a hairy medium size ginger and white Jack Russell terrier cross with luxurious long eyebrows and even longer mustache hairs my mum and dad call my fumanchoos, for some reason. They're pretty silly sometimes.

I'm a Cornish rescue dog- born in Cornwall England - in the town of Bodmin. At least that's where the kind folks from the St Francis Home for Animals found me abandoned on the street. I was only 7 months old. I was very frightened and hungry. They took me in and cared for me until my mum and dad adopted me forever. Mum saw my photo on their website and said that's the dog I want. So they came and got me and we've lived happily ever after. That was in 2005.

Since then I've been making friends everywhere I go - that's my mission - plus learning new tricks - making people laugh - starring in videos and even meeting famous people like Miss Jodie Prenger when I tried out for Toto in the Wizard of OZ. I love adults and children and love making everyone happy.

Please have a look around my website. If you and your pet want to be my friend and you have a picture of your pet you'd like for my gallery, please see Talk to the Paw contact page to find out how to email my mum. All are welcome - people, animals, even cats!

If you are an animal charity and would like to display your ad on my site please send the info. We want to help all animals just like I was helped. No animal or person should have to be unhappy or afraid. We want everyone to be chipper, have a full belly of food and be content just like me - for ever.
And lastly, be sure to visit Jack's Halloween pages. Halloween is my spooky speciality. Lots of ghoulie friends there! Enjoy! Arf!

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Halloween Jack Booooooooooooooooooo!
Once again, don't forget my Halloween pictures and ghouly friends from years gone by.
Take a peek if you dare for you might be there.

To Jack's Halloween pages. Follow the paw>>>>Halloween Jack

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Tristan and Jack
Cousin Tristan. He's my good mate.


Jack pawJack pawJack pawJack pawJack pawJack paw

Thank's for coming and rrrrreeeemember what Jack says: keep wagging your tail so everyone knows you're happy! Rrrruff!!!
Jack in the grass

Kernow Jack footer
The Bone in the Stone starring Kernow JAck and the Pirates
Kernow Jack& the pirates in The Bone in the Stone
Jodie Prenger and Jack
woo-woo! Jodie Prenger pet me at the Over the Rainbow TOTO auditions.
I will NEVER wash my beard again!!!!
Click for my
TOTO page

Jack and the TOTO auditions
What people say about Jack
Awww, he's such a lovely happy dog.
Jodie Prenger, Toto auditions

I like it when Jack plays dead. It's my favourite trick.
Aidy, Tristan, other kids and people.

Jack's a cracking little dog.
Viv at agility class, Jeff the postman
Jack's a shoe-in for Toto.
Betty, others.

He'd make a perfect Toto.

Dog owners at the Toto auditions, others
I wish I had a dog like Jack.
Tristan and lots of other kids and people.
I've never known a dog like Jack. He's interested in everything you're doing. It's like he's trying to work it out. He's so smart it's a bit creepy. Lucy
Jack's the cleverst dog I've ever seen. He should be in the movies.
May & others
Jack's our favourite boy!
Penny and Henry, Pet shop owners. Others he meets.
It's the Halloween dog Kernow Jack!
Neighbourhood kids
I love Jack.
Megan and lots of other kids.
Jack's a cool dog.
Aidy and lots of other kids.
Jack's a star!
Excuse me, can I pet your dog?
Little boy on the street.
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